“Our Jewels become the vehicle of values and emotions, and their meaning is completed by who is wearing them”. Mr. Hipster

Mr. Hipster is a polyhedral artist born in Milano (Italy) in 1964. Since his childhood he was showing great interest and talent towards drawing and sculpture.

At his 18 he started travelling around Europe, getting in touch with the local handcraft communities, building up an experience that will become crucial for his training.

In early 80’s he entered the fashion world in tiptoe when Milano was the worldwide reference point for style and fashion.

Mr. Hipster was clothing and accessories designer for many companies from Lombardy and Tuscany.

A few years later, he began to paint and exposed his pieces at Brera and at the Castello Sforzesco.

Since 2006 he designs hand-made jewels, true works-of-art able to tell and share his history, also exalting those of who wears them.

The attention to the detail and the distinctive handcrafting of Made in Italy makes him a unique artist, able to give shape to dreams, ideas and emotions.

Mr. Hispter is vitù italiana.

Bobò Milano is an Italian Company founded after two decades of experience in fashion and luxury accessories.

Since 2014 it proposes an ever-evolving jewels collection, true hand-made works of art created with the distinctive attention to the detail of “Made in Italy”.

The absolute protagonist of these exclusive Bracelets, Handcuffs and Necklaces are natural elements, such as the alloys becoming precious with a gold or silver coating, or stones and crystals encountering the smooth resistance of suede and leather.

Tradition and contemporaneity are melted in the wise use of wood, ceramics and glass, giving warmth, deepness and intensity to every jewel.

Each raw material is verified and certified at the origin, in full respect of the environment and of who is then choosing an unmistakable creation.

The Mission of Bobò Milano is to break the schemes by including a strong character and originality in a Jewel whose roots are deeply grounded into a philosophy that melts humans, art and nature together.