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Hipster Catalog 2017


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In a jewelery world too often characterized by the lack of color and imagination, Bobó Milano is a decisive element of breakthrough and innovation, presenting artisan creations of great variety and chromatic impact. Through the use of heterogeneous materials such as wood, leather, metals, resins, glass and ceramics, Bobó Milano is able to propose a style that is always new and out of the usual standards. Unique and sought after jewels with vibrant colors and shades are vehicle for emotions, skillfully and wisely handcrafted.

New Hipster Rings Collection

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Anello Unisex Bronzo Esteban Blue_01

Esteban Blue

Anello Unisex Bronzo Esteban Red_01

Esteban Red

Anello Unisex Bronzo Armonia_01


Anello Unisex Bronzo Sigillo_01


Anello Unisex Bronzo Scala_01


Anello Unisex Bronzo Pepe_01


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